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Greenfield District: Reinventing a City Center
Philstar | August 17, 2013

The city is an organism, a biological creature. The metaphor has long fascinated sociologists, economists and urban planners. And indeed, a city does seem to follow the metabolic laws of living forms.

Think about it: They are born and built from imagination. They thrive, grow and eventually will age. Thereafter, they will tend to slow down. Just as all living things are hampered by the handicaps that come with aging, it is inevitable that cities will also eventually function less efficiently as they mature and expand beyond their original blueprints and boundaries.

For urban planners, property owners and even city residents therefore, the line of thought that advocates reinvention and evolution as key factors to keeping urban spaces relevant, functional and up-to-date to address changing needs is immensely important. Planning should not merely consider aesthetics and current necessities. Rather, it is more important to look forward and plan ahead so that each urban space will enjoy a longer life span.
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