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Greenfield District
Greenfield District Aerial Shot If you have the chance to rebuild the city, wouldn't you do things differently? Leave more trees standing? Keep open spaces for people to enjoy? Arrange structures and roads as carefully as possible? Design 'intelligent buildings'? And use the latest in wireless technology so that everything will run smoothly? Wouldn't you make a different kind of city?

A city that's ready for the future, but remains as pristine as the past?

This is what we had in mind when we carved out a prime 10.5 hectare expance, outlined by Shaw Boulevard, Edsa, Sheridan and Reliance Streets in Mandaluyong City.

Greenfield District was carefully designed to become an ideal city that would lie at the heart of the metropolis, providing peope high-tech conveniences combined with natural wonders, and a true break from the chaos and congestion.

At Greenfield District, people who live, work and shop here will have the opportunity to be fully "connected".
Smart and connected convenience
Thanks to careful city-planning and reliable state-of-the-art fiber-optic and wireless technology, everything runs smoothly in Greenfield District. You're connected to the city outside and the rest of the world with high-tech facilities and sufficient wifi-zones.
Breathtaking views
A good part of Greenfield District is dedicated to open spaces like parks and lush gardens, giving you more breathtaking views and a greater sense of well-being.
Shaded Skyways
Interconnected skyways and parking areas connect buildings in Greenfield District, making it easy and comfortable to get from one place to another.
An ideal neighborhood with a courtyard
Greenfield's neighborhood cluster is made up of high-rise and mid-rise residential towers and a two-storey structure for shops. Connecting all these is a courtyard with a landscaped garden, recreational facilities and special areas for intimate gatherings.
A park of wonders for children
One of the main attractions of the district is the Children's Park. A green playground divided into several sections by rolling hills, tress and plants, there will be picnic lawns, delightful fountains and a space for sandwich and hotdog booths. While children and their nannies run around the park of wonders, you can relax in any of the small restaurants and shops beneath a crystal pavilion.
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Written and visual materials herein although based on present plans may not reflect the most current developments, hence may be subject to change without prior notice. Equus Property Venture, Inc. shall provide the fiber optic backbone to make the building high-tech ready. The features mentioned are merely optional and are not necessarily standard features of the condominium unit. All items needed to connect to the fiberoptic backbone of the building for the unit shall be for the account of the buyer.

HLURB License to Sell Number 28588 ENCR-014